1-Have you ever missed a flight?

a)Yes 1

b)No 19

2-Have you ever lost your suitcase?

a)Yes 0

b)No 20

3-Have you ever been abroad?

a)Yes 14

b)No 6

4-What do yo prefer to visit?

a)Japan 2

b)Hawai 7

c)USA 11

5-Has there ever been a bad storm during your flight?

a)Yes 12

b)No 8

6-What is the longest flight you have ever had?

a) 1hours   4

b) 2 hours    8

c) 3 hours    7

d) 4 hours   1

7-What do you like more about Mallorca?

a) The beautiful beaches    10

b) The wonderful mountains    7

c) The amazing cathedral      3

8-Have you ever traveled with your pet?

a)Yes   2

b)No   18

9-Have you ever got lost at the airport?

a)Yes   5

b)No    15

10-Have you ever traveled alone?

a)Yes   6

b)No    14

11-Have you ever got sunburned on your holidays?

a) Yes  13

b) No    7

12-Do you usually buy presents for your family from your holidays?

a) Yes 19

b) No 1

13-Have you ever hired a car to explore a new place?

a) Yes 17

b) No 3

14-Have you ever traveled?

a) Yes 20

b) No 0

15-How do you usually travel by a airplane or a boat?

a) Airplane 16

b) Boat 4

16-Have you ever been seasick on a boat?

a) Yes 10

b) No 10

17-Have you ever changed the plane?

a) Yes 9

b) No 11

18-Have you ever booked a B and B?

a) Yes 12

b) No 8

19-Wich travel company do you like more?

a) Iberia 0

b) Vueling 2

c) Ryanair 7

d) Air Europa 11

20-Have you ever traveled in first class?

a) Yes 7

b) No 13