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Interview to Pere Barcelo

In this term our group interview one of our teachers, Pere Barcelo We talk to him about how he went in school, how he entered school and his future plans.       Entrevista Pere Barceló

20 Questions about 2030

Hello, we are Mar and Àngel and this week we made 20 questions at 20 people about the future:

Run for charity

Participation is everything As every year, the school Sant Alfons is going to celebrate a solidarity race. The race will be next Friday, the 5th of April. The race is going to start at 11 a.m. in Felanitx. The main… Continue Reading →

Games and Jokes

This is our game: The funny game!!!  


Libra You will be the perfect wife or husband. You won’t have to pay in the supermarket. You will be the ambassador of Nike. LEO In two years you will find the perfect wife or husband. You will have the… Continue Reading →

Video Angles

Hello, this is a video for Silvia, Toni, Miquel.F this is the video of our future lives

Radio programm

https://www.spreaker.com/episode/17871110             Xavier, Victoria i Said

Survey about our future

Survey about our future Hi! We ask 20 people about the future of the earth and humanity. We are Albert, Nuria, Biel and Soufian.   1.In 2050, will we travel to Mars? A) Yes, I think so! (15) B) No,… Continue Reading →

The charity race

The charity race As every year, the LLedoner is going to organize a solidarity  race in order to collaborate with two different projects. On the 5th of April, the Lledoner is going to celebrate its annual charity  race. This race… Continue Reading →

Trip to Menorca

Our school organizes this trip every year one year we go to Eivissa and the other to Menorca. Last year we went to Eivissa and it was very funny. We saw two villages and we swam in a fountain. Then… Continue Reading →

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