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HAWAII “the burning paradise”

Hy everyone. This is a video about our holiday experience in Hawaii. Everyone would like to go there but… Maybe you should look at this video before you  travel there or at any other place. We hope you enjoy it!!!… Continue Reading →

The day to day of a family

Hello! We are Erika, Jose Luis and Joan Albert we want to show you a video. It’s about the day to day of a family. If you want to see the video you just have to press. Hope you’ll enjoy it!… Continue Reading →

Got Talent Es Lledoner

Hello we’re Maria Angels, Lucia, Juanjo and Dani and this is our Got Talent Video. To see the video you have to press play We hope you enjoy it, kisses.  

Our life in a few years

Hello! We are Nico, Moha and Aina and we want to show you a video that we did some weeks ago. It’s about the future life of a girl called Aina. If you want to see the video you just… Continue Reading →

The four thoughts of the future

This video is based on facts that we want to achieve in the future. We hope you like it. By Ainoha, Alex, Miquel Joan, Damià and the helper Nadia. Featured images

Our school

Hello, we are Alejandro, Aaron and Roser. In this video we explain nearly everything of our school. We couldn’t show all of the school because in some places the students or the teachers were working. For example, in the teachers… Continue Reading →

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