1- Have you ever been fed up with Fortnite?

No, I have never been fed up with Fortnite because it’s a nice game and I like it.

2- Have you ever eaten something strange?

No, but I would like to have some spiders or ants.

3- Have you ever been in a hospital?

Yes, when I was 4 I was deep in the sea and my stomach was bad and I was in the hospital for 6 days.

4- Have you ever failed an exam?


5- Have you ever had a long-haul flight?

Yes, I have been in the USA in California and the flight was 11 hours.

6- Have you ever fought your brother?

A lot of times.

7- Have you ever won a basketball final?

Yes, last week.

8- When you become an adult where do you want to go on holiday?

I want to go on holiday to Australia or Tatuan because I like Australia, I think it’s a cool country.

9- Do you help you family with the housework?

Yes I tidy my room, I put on the table and I make breakfast sometimes.

10- Have you ever lied to a friend?

Yes, to Joan Albert because he is my friend.

11- Do you like travelling?

Yes, I love travelling.

12- How many books have you read?

I have read lots of books but now I’m reading Catedral del Mar and it’s a nice book and the longest book I have ever read was Harry Potter.

13- Do you like studying German?

Yes I like studying foreign languages because it will be really good for the future and you can apply for a good job.

14-Will you marry?

I don’t know haha, maybe

15-Do you think that you will get the job that you want?

I want to be a journalist and if I study hard I think that I could be it.